New Graphic Novel by Rebecca Roher


Praise for Bird in a Cage, Rebecca Roher's new Graphic Novel published by Conundrum Press


"Airily paced, Roher’s storytelling captures the meandering rhythm of memory and her nimble, hazy pencil art kindly exaggerates her loved ones’ quirks."
- The Globe and Mail


"This is a beautiful memorial to a restless grandma and a meditation on what comprises a home."
- Cicada Magazine


"The simple lines reveal much more than they have any right to, and the nuanced expressions on the entire cast are absolutely perfect."
- Expozine Awards Jury, Winner of Best English Comic


"Comics is a visual vocabulary, and Roher’s language is lovingly considered. Panels are demarcated without the use of traditional borders, or are “uncaged.” Clearly on par with her feelings about Grandma Wylie, her pencil lines reveal the pressure of the hand used to make them—intimate, compassionate, and wistful. Roher’s wispy and gestural pencil marks seem appropriate for illustrating a work of memory, which is how she classifies this story in its preface. Mutable. Erasable. Intentionally un-inked…Through the unique way that the comics medium can create visual “presentness,” it is a thoughtful and loving dedication to Grandma Wylie and through it, she is reawakened."

- The Rumpus